Until We Are All Free is a racial justice initiative rooted in arts and culture. Together, Black, migrant, refugee, undocumented, indigenous, queer, and transgender communities are building solidarity by tapping into the power of art and culture to envision and to build a world defined by dignity and self-determination—for all of us.

Seizing the Moment

Politicians and everyday people are talking about structural violence against Black communities as well as the struggles of immigrants and refugees. But too often our work is reactionary: honoring those killed, sharing stories of families separated, or fighting against narratives that criminalize us. Rather than allowing our opposition to define us, Until We Are All Free offers a boldly artistic vision of what a world free of violence and injustice might look and feel like.

Honoring Black Leadership

Until We Are All Free is a response to calls from Black leaders to foreground racial justice within migrant and refugee rights organizing. Our work centers racial justice, recognizing that anti-Black racism must be challenged head-on, even (and sometimes especially in) migrant, refugee, and other communities of color. We also aim to amplify the voices of queer, transgender, undocumented, and other marginalized members of our communities in strength and unity.

Creating Culture

Cultural change always comes before political change, and art has the power not only to help us get in touch with our own humanity, but to see it in others as well. Through visual art, poetry, music, performance, and more, Until We Are All Free taps into our emotions, interrogates biases, and articulates our shared values. Creativity also gets our hearts and minds moving on journeys of joy, sadness, and anger — ultimately leading our bodies toward action.

Join Us

Until We Are All Free is an alliance between CultureStrike, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and Black Alliance for Just Immigration and is led by artists, organizers, and community members. We believe that our safety, security, and sustainability begins with with access to quality education, jobs, housing, healthcare, clean environments, and the arts — not by jailing and deporting people. Will you join us as we build power through beautiful verse, vibrant images, and creative interventions?