Free of bars, free of borders, and free of violence and injustice - to live with dignity and self-determination.


Oakland, CA based CultureStrike and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote are envisioning such a world through our new project Until We Are All Free. We invite you to join us.

Black leaders with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Black Immigration Network (BIN), and other Black liberation movements have long called for the immigrant rights movement to intentionally integrate racial justice and show up for Black lives. We developed Until We Are All Free as one response to the call, a response grounded in cultural change. In the midst of the national, post-Ferguson conversation about anti-Black racism, and as the criminal law and immigration enforcement systems work together as ‘crimmigration’ to disenfranchise immigrants of color, we are deeply committed to build solidarity that centers Black lives across movements.

Communities of color across the US and the world seek to be visible, valued, and free. But our current reality is a system that overwhelmingly treats Black, migrant and refugee, and indigenous people--our people--as criminals; locks us away; and deports us. Crimmigration separates families, isolates people and communities with shame and stigma, and strips us of our humanity.

Photo by Jesus Iniguez for CultureStrike.

Photo by Jesus Iniguez for CultureStrike.

What if individuals, communities, artists, cultural workers, and organizers can envision, prophesy, and own an alternate society free of anti-Black racism, mass incarceration, and criminalization of immigrants and refugees?

Until We Are All Free is CultureStrike and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote’s culture-based approach to bring us together to imagine, actualize, and tell the story of a world --  free of bars and borders -- that we want and can create.

Will you join us?

What is Until We Are All Free?

Until We Are All Free is a groundbreaking project rooted in art and cultural expression to:

  1. Create a new story of solidarity, transformation, and freedom.
  2. Challenge the racist, anti-Black, and profit driven systems that view communities of color as criminals to imprison, deport, and detain.
  3. Link the struggle for immigrant and refugee rights to racial justice.
  4. Cultivate public will and the public imagination towards a more inclusive and just society.
Photo by Jesus Iniguez of CultureStrike.

Photo by Jesus Iniguez of CultureStrike.

Why Art and Culture?

Art and culture introduce ideas, attach emotions to concrete change, and create enthusiasm for our values. Culture allows all people to imagine what change can look and feel like, to connect with our full humanity and see the humanity in each other. Art and cultural expression create an opening for us to face and challenge bias and stereotypes.

Art has the power to move our imaginations and bodies, transforming the emotional and physical spaces we share. It has the power to build and transform relationships and to bring about justice and liberation.

Cultural shifts precede political change; in the end, change starts with a vision, a dream, and with our imagination. We invite you to join the Until We Are All Free journey; lead with our hearts, minds, and spirits to create a world which seems politically impossible right now. 

We need your support to bring Until We Are All Free to life.

How to Get Involved

  1. Donate to our grassroots fundraising campaign supporting the official launch of Until We Are All Free in Oakland, CA.
  2. Sign up below to get updates on Until We Are All Free activities and join us in action.
  3. Share this page and spread the word on Until We Are All Free.

About Us

CultureStrike (C/S) is a national organization that, through art and culture, aims to transform public views about migrants and the issues that affect them.

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Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) is a statewide multiracial California alliance that advances the broader movement for social change by building the voting power of New American immigrant and refugee communities of color.

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